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Biolab Scientific Limited is a renowned Canadian company, providing a wide range of sophisticated analytical and laboratory instruments including Bath and Circulator, Laboratory Shaker, Chamber, Centrifuge, CO2 Incubator, Ultra Low Temperature Freezer, Oven/Incubator, Spectrophotometer, Biological Safety Cabinet, Furnace, Ice Maker, Laminar Air Flow Hood, Autoclave, Freeze Dryer, Fume Hood etc. Our product line caters to routine quality control, research and development in industries, research institutes and academics.

To ensure the highest quality & durability of the product, all parts are individually checked & inspected by our technicians before packing of the consignment. It is a perfect place for our customers to invest in inexpensive imported Lab Equipment & Chambers that meet International Quality Standards. Our products are standardized & certified.

Our aim is to provide long term relation with our customers by providing with best quality product & service. We have team of Experts who look after handling, installing & maintaining the equipment when delivered to Clients. We provide customized solutions with highly precise customer specifications & requirements to cater the need of our Clients. We welcome all kinds of queries & feedback because we value our customer input & helps in building effective working relationships. In case the item of your interest in not listed on our web page please do Write/Contact us for our immediate response.


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Reasons Why Laboratories Rely on Water Purification Systems

Pure water is an important reagent to execute the experiment in research laboratories. Since water is deemed to be a universal solvent, the incorporation of water purity standards for the lab test, reactions, or experiments would be possible only if laboratories have Laboratory Water Purification System. As contaminated water may pose a threat or failure to run the task.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Laboratory Centrifuge

Purchasing a centrifuge requires a significant upfront financial commitment depending on the number of units you require, the type of centrifuge you buy, and the accessories and customizations your laboratory needs; therefore, understanding centrifuges is essential.

Need for Plant Growth Chamber to study Physiology of Plants

To ensure the plants are healthy in terms of photosynthesis, cuticle, cell Walls, and reproduction, Plant growth chambers are essential for the study of plant Physiology.

The Overview of Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) freezer is an absolute necessity when you have valuable samples to protect. Covid-19 vaccines are just one of the many uses hence, there are a number of crucial variables to take into account while purchasing it.

Shakers or Mixers - What’s best for my Lab?

Mixers and Shakers are instruments that are used to form a homogenous mixture from more than one ingredients. They form an important part of any laboratory since they have applications in various industries like food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, biotechnology, waste water treatment, labs that are concerned with life sciences, clinical and diagnostics, and many more.

Must Have Pipettes Equipment Devices in Lab Facility

Pipette is a primary equipment device used for measuring small quantities of liquid, particularly in volumes of milliliters & microliters. The use of a Pipette ensures precise results of the test with minimal chance of getting errors and therefore, the accuracy of the pipette plays a huge role in the success or failure of experiments and research

Revealing the Greater Details of Histopathology Equipment

The modern histopathology laboratory is created with a focus on efficiency. Tissue dissection, slicing, preparation, probing, staining, and analysis necessitate the application of equipment that consistently yield high-quality specimens.

Role of Magnetic Stirrer to Conduct Biological and Chemical Experiments

A Magnetic Stirrer is a Laboratory device, that uses a rotating magnetic field to rotate a stir bar. the movement of the stir bar mixes the sample thoroughly with rapid movement and agitation. However, to avoid reactions with the magnetic field, these stirrers are used with glass or other non-metal beakers.

Most Reliable Ice Maker Machine for Industrial Use

Ice Maker Machines by Biolab is taking over the worldwide industries for its versatility, durability, reliability, advanced technology, and energy efficiency. Designed to meet the demands of producing ice in different shapes and sizes for industries such as hospitality, healthcare, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, and other commercial establishments.

Refrigerator that complies with Medical & Laboratory Standards

Refrigerators are designed for storage application in microbiology, chemical, pharmaceutical and research institutions. Ensures uniform temperature throughout the chambers by forced air circulation system. Refrigerators that offers value and protection to keep your sample safe.

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