Compact, automatic and powerful hotplate magnetic stirrer has stainless steel material with a ceramic coating which prevents corrosion. It is available with external temperature sensor PT1000, timer, PC control. A warning sign is display when over-temperature. Timer can be set from 1min to 99h 59min. Used with a wide variety of accessories.

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Series : 100
Heating temperature range : Room temp.+5°C - 340°C±1°C (<100°C)±1%(>100°C)
Hotplate BHTL-101

Hotplate BHTL-101

  • Heating temperature range: Room temp.+5°C - 340°C
  • Over heat Protection: 420°C
  • Temperature display accuracy: ±1°C
  • Work plate material: Aluminum cover with ceramic coating
  • Work plate Dimension: 140x140 mm
Hotplate BHTL-102

Hotplate BHTL-102

  • Temperature control accuracy: ±1°C (<100°C)±1%(>100°C)
  • Heating temperature range: Room Temp.-500°C, increment 1°C
  • Over heat Protection: 540°C
  • Temperature display accuracy: ±0.1°C
  • External temperature sensor: PT1000 (±0.2°C)